Turn table for articulated buses

HEMSCHEIDT articulation system for local public transport

Articulated buses are a part of the local public transport system in many cities. Articulated buses were developed to be able to transport larger numbers of passengers in closely built-up cities. The great advantage of articulated buses is that they are very manoeuvrable. That is why they are suitable for narrow, tight roads , which a long bus without articulation could not negotiate. The articulated bus can even cope with narrow radii when negotiating bends. The principle of the articulated bus is simple: A so-called trailer is attached to a solo bus, and this is connected to the front bus by a joint.


Today there are two vehicle concepts for articulated buses which differ with regard to the drive. So-called pusher vehicles have the driving axle, engine and gear in the trailer. Puller vehicles have the drivetrain in the leading bus.   HEMSCHEIDT offers the perfect solution for the turntable for both solutions. Of course, HEMSCHEIDT turn tables can also be supplied for trolley buses.

Product details HEMSCHEIDT turn tables


Turn Tables for pusher vehicles: Driving stability and safety

Turn Tables in so-called pusher articulated buses don't just have to define the degree of freedom of bending, rolling and pitching, they also have to dampen the yaw movement. In doing so, the Turn Table fulfil an important task, as they are crucial for the driving stability and vehicle safety of an articulated bus. Safety-relevant components need to be sturdy, reliable, failsafe and always operational. The SKD synchronous damper from HEMSCHEIDT unites all these properties.


Three different damping levels take care of uniform, optimum damping, independent of the vehicle speed. The patented gear wheel/gear rack damping unit takes care of permanent uniform  leverage ratios. All moveable components are integrated in the hydraulic circuit, allowing optimum lubrication and long service life. The complete system of the synchronous damper works without control unit or electronics which considerable increases failure safety. The turn table is also completely maintenance free.

Turn Tables for puller vehicles

The tried and proven turntable SKD 420 for pusher vehicles, which has been in service for decades, was adapted to the requirements of puller vehicles. As a result, HEMSCHEIDT can now also supply the manufacturers of puller articulated buses with a sturdy, light-weight and maintenance turn table which can be integrated easily into the vehicle structure.

Complete middle bus from  a single source

In addition, HEMSCHEIDT Fahrwerktechnik, in cooperation with  the Hübner Group, offers the complete middle bus (Turn Table, bellows and floor plate). Articulated bus manufacturers worldwide avail themselves of this offer.


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Synchronous Articulation Dampers (SKD)

The Synchronous Articulated Angle Damper works as follows:

  • The joint has a gear wheel / gear rack (always uniform leverage ratios)
  • All spaces inside turn table are filled with oil
  • If the turn table doesn't make a movement the system is depressurised
  • If the turn table makes a yaw movement, the oil is passed through the damping valve. This creates an oil pressure in the opposite working chambers which dampens the yaw movement
  • The same damping for both directions through a central damping valve