Technical specificationsTechnical specificationsTechnical specifications

Synchronous Articulation Dampers (SKD)

HEMSCHEIDT provides high-quality turn tables for buses 

  • Speed dependent damping
  • Maximum turn angle: 52°
  • Maintenance free and low-wear
  • Deliverable as complete middle bus system incl. connection module, bellows and floor plate

Facts about the Synchronous Articulation Dampers from HEMSCHEIDT: 

  • Mountable with eight screws and two nuts
  • No adjustments or settings after installation
  • Operational fitness for extreme load through optimised cast design
  • Operating conditions from  -32 °C to +60 °C environmental temperature
  • Damping responds immediately with each bending movement of the articulated bus
  • Bending speed of the articulated bus directly controls the damping
  • Direct damping response allows smaller design and lower weight
  • Integrated sensor for engine management
  • No gas pressure reservoirs which necessitate regular maintenance
  • Closed oil circuit, therefore oil change is not necessary
  • All movable parts are in the oil bath of the closed oil circuit which means lower wear
  • Maintenance is not necessary, setting and adjusting work is not necessary even after longer operating times