Chassis systems with hydropneumatic suspension

Reliable shock absorbance for high forces and great load differences

Hydropneumatic chassis systems from HEMSCHEIDT: We cater for reliable, efficient commercial vehicles. Hydropneumatic systems for vehicle suspension and damping have been around since the 50-ies.

Many reasons speak for the use of a hydropneumatic suspension system:

As opposed to a steel spring suspension, the spring stiffness is not constant, it is dependent  on the load which acts on the gas spring. As the enclosed gas quantity remains constant, the stiffness of the spring adjusts to the acting force. That enables a soft basic tuning in unloaded and loaded state. The hydropneumatic suspension stiffens so strongly during dynamic manoeuvres, that driving stability still remains guaranteed at any time. While the gas spring represents an ideal spring, the force transmitting member 'hydraulic'  opens further options of increasing comfort and vehicle safety.


Compact, fast, efficient: Chassis system from HEMSCHEIDT

The high pressure which can be achieved with hydraulic systems makes it possible to present extremely compact suspension cylinders which require little installation space at the wheel. The energy density of a hydraulic system also leads to the fact that the response times and the responding qualities are really fast. During major load changes (during loading and unloading) a hydropneumatic suspension system is returned to level within a split second.


The distinct energy density and therefore fast transmission of force can be used for other functions as well. With corresponding switching mechanisms, loads can be distributed to several wheels or axes and roll torques absorbed without additional components (hydraulic stabiliser).  In addition, the required damping can be integrated in the hydraulic system so that suspension and damping  can be provided by a single system.

Product details HEMSCHEIDT chassis systems


HEPLEX®-suspension system

HEMSCHEIDT combines expertise in automotive engineering with knowledge from the hydraulic sector. This gave birth to the multi-patented HEPLEX® suspension system. The HEPLEX® system integrates all functions which off-road vehicles need:

  • Large load range 
  • Load distribution to several axles
  • Cross-control to stabilise the vehicle during dynamic manoeuvres
  • Avoid toppling
  • Load-dependent control of damping

Linear elements: Suspension system for wheeled and tracked vehicles

Track vehicles but also wheeled vehicles which do not fit onto a vehicle frame, instead they have a so-called hull which represents the vehicle structure. The wheels are attached to this hull via a swing arm. For such concepts HEMSCHEIDT offers unique hydropneumatic suspension systems as a compact and light-weight unit.

One-stage or two-stage suspension systems with integrated damping including the necessary temperature compensation are a part of our product range.

Feel free to contact us, we will find the correct solution for your vehicle! 

Hydropneumatic chassis are characterised by the following features:

  • Compact packaging for suspension cylinders
  • Positive eigenfrequency progression via vehicle load capacity
  • Damping and suspension in one system
  • Through integrated level adjustment the full suspension travel is always useable with optimum chassis kinematics
  • Distribution of the load via the hydraulics
  • Control via  hydraulic pressure (without electronics)
  • High driving comfort and high stability