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Technical specifications of the hydropneumatic suspension systems

Hydropneumatic suspension systems from HEMSCHEIDT are produced for all vehicle sizes. The spectrum covers vehicles from 5 t up to 400 t total weight. Different vehicle concepts, ranging from the campervan to heavy-duty opencast mining  dumper trucks, are equipped with our system. HEMSCHEIDT suspension systems prove their strengths in particular with major differences in load between empty and loaded state, e.g. on building sites.  

Hydropneumatic suspension and damping system HEPLEX®:


  • Lifting and lowering of individual wheels, axes or the complete vehicle
  • Levelling the vehicle: manually or automatically
  • Stabilisation of the vehicle through hydraulic stabiliser and adapted damping
  • Load distribution to several axles to reduce the frame, axle and tyre loads when driving over obstacles. The reduction of the dynamic loads makes the HEPLEX® System extremely road-friendly
  • Blocking and unblocking: The HEPLEX® suspension can be switched on or off. This fastens the body against the axles, a relative movement is prevented.

Advantages of the hydropneumatic suspension:

  • High driving comfort and soft suspension adjustment, maximum degree of driving and toppling stability
  • Patented accumulators balance extreme load differences between empty and full load
  • No pressure loss in the nitrogen accumulator, no hardening/stiffening and deterioration of the driving properties
  • Integrated hydraulic bump stop to avoid bottoming out of the suspension system
  • Load dependent and hydraulically controlled damping, which adjusts perfectly to the driving situation in milliseconds
  • Normal switching: Medium stabilisation through damping principle, very good off road mobility through soft and dependent suspension
  • Cross-control: High stabilisation through switching of the spring cylinders between the vehicle sides. The roll torque is absorbed by the HEPLEX® suspension. The required roll angle can be clearly reduced as a result and there is no need for a mechanical stabiliser.
  • Controlled damping and stabilisation of the HEPLEX® suspension: Automatic adjustment of the damping to any load state of the vehicle. This achieves the same driving characteristics for all different loads.
  • Complete hydraulic control: no electronics or sensors. This achieves high stability, robustness and failure safety of the system.