Code of Conduct

HEMSCHEIDT Code of Conduct


HEMSCHEIDT with its management and all of its personnel feels committed to fundamental ethics and conduct guidelines beginning with the four key aspects „human rights“, „employment and environment protection“ and „fight against corruption“ which are concretized themselves by the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact.  

As a company with structures still resembling a lot those of a family guided company and which thereby sees the interests of the company and its personnel being the center of all actions, everybody works with the comprehension of mutual respect, tolerance, honesty and trust in an atmosphere which is very much formed by the personal contact of the involved. Long-lasting employment and mutual considerateness have produced a close solidarity between the company and its personnel. The idea of the entrepreneur in a company is vividly lived within the HEMSCHEIDT. In doing so, everybody is participating in success and risk of the company and everybody mutually answers for the company’s aims. 

The management and the personnel go for advancing their relationship on a higher level of mutual comprehension by this Code of Conduct and to anchor this comprehension in an even deeper way in each other’s awareness and to thereby avow themselves to fundamental values of our society.

In the spirit of the four key aspects of the UN Global Compact, HEMSCHEIDT declares the following guidelines as binding upon itself: 

1. Abiding to the law

HEMSCHEIDT respects the legal system - as known - of each country in which HEMSCHEIDT is operating.

2. The basic rights of the personnel

HEMSCHEIDT respects all employees being free and equal of dignity and rights without any distinction of race, complexion, gender, age, language, belief, political or other conviction, national or social origin and other class and respects the dignity, privacy and personality of each employee.

3. Employment and Health protection of the personnel

HEMSCHEIDT is aware that social justness is a basic requirement for permanent peace and therefore disapproves the following ways of abuse of manpower: 

HEMSCHEIDT does not accept any form of any forced or compulsory labor and opposes any form of child labor as understood in the ILO-Convention 138.

According to Point 1, HEMSCHEIDT shall not accept any form of discrimination in the employer – employee – relationship neither by direct nor by indirect behavior. 

Furthermore, HEMSCHEIDT supports the right to association of its employees und values an appropriate payment of its employees.

HEMSCHEIDT is completely aware of its responsibility for the health and security of its employees and therefore considers the regular training concerning working security as a very important task. HEMSCHEIDT also takes precautionary measures concerning occupational accidents and occupational diseases in regular intervals. For these purposes, HEMSCHEIDT install a management system of working security in accordance with the standards of OHSAS 18001. 

4. Environment protection

HEMSCHEIDT considers the protection of the environment and of the natural resources in the course of a sustainable and fair economy that tries to harmonize the needs of today’s generation and coming generations as one of the most important aims to conserve, to protect and to revive the earth’s ecosystem.

Thus, HEMSCHEIDT considers being its very own task to continuously improve the environment protection and to reduce its own environmental impact with its available means so that all company operations shall be as widely as possible consistent with nature and a healthy and productive life.

To comply with these aims, HEMSCHEIDT applies today the environment management system ISO 14001 and is certified in this regard.

5. The fight against corruption

HEMSCHEIDT opposes any form of corruption including blackmailing and bribery. Therefore, HEMSCHEIDT does not approve to grant or to accept any benefits during the initiation or award of contracts which are appropriate to prejudice any business decisions.