Mission statement

Corporate mission statement of HEMSCHEIDT Fahrwerktechnik

Corporate objectives

We develop, produce and sell chassis and articulation systems worldwide at the highest quality level.


Customer satisfaction and the confidence of customers in our products are the focal point of our actions. We deliver our products at the agreed dates, in highest quality and at appropriate prices.

We respond flexibly to changes in customer wishes.


Our employees are our company's decisive success factor. We offer them fair and  performance-oriented wages, a secure job as well as professional and personal development opportunities. We expect that our employees are willing to perform and learn, are able to think for themselves, can act at their own responsibility and are highly competent. Our executives have professional and social skills. They acknowledge the responsibility which is associated with their tasks.  Our management follows clear standards and structures, practices open communication and promotes the potentials of our staff.


We manufacture our products in close cooperation with our suppliers.

We assert the same demands with regard to quality from our suppliers as our customers demand from us and our products. We interact with our suppliers in a fair manner and based on partnership.


Our products are among the best and are a standard for our competitors. We continuously work on improving our products and guarantee uniform high quality standards.

Hydraulics expertise, vehicle-related technical knowledge and flexibility are our strengths. We strive for sustainable economic success for the long-term maintenance of our company. Economic success is the basis for delivering and guaranteeing products in highest quality for our customers and  for offering our employees secure jobs.