High-tech factory of the 21st century

HEMSCHEIDT combines innovative technology with traditional quality 

Highly stressed commercial vehicles require absolutely reliable components. HEMSCHEIDT supplies products which can handle the most difficult conditions. We produce shock absorbers and chassis systems for military vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles, as well as turntables for articulated buses. These vehicles must function faultlessly at any time,  the vehicle may not fail even in the most difficult terrain or under great stress. 

That is why we assemble each individual product by hand, with unsurpassed precision and highest quality. Our aspirations are that we manufacture the best possible product for the needs of our customers. We can achieve this only with first-class employees and processes under detailed control.

Guaranteed controlled precision work 

Every HEMSCHEIDT product is assembled by highly qualified staff in small-scale series and is subjected to permanent control. 

From the assembly of a piston with gaskets, piston rings and strippers all the way to assembly of the valve blocks: All working steps are conducted with the greatest precision and the aim of achieving first-class production quality through in-depth control of all components.

HEMSCHEIDT employees are obligated to pay attention to faultless execution at every production step:

After each assembly step we confirm: 

  • full and complete execution of the work 
  • accuracy of all components and 
  • expert assembly of the parts into a technically extremely sophisticated product. 


The confidence of our customers in the quality of the products is our motivation for highest precision and accuracy. The sustained success in the commercial vehicle market confirms the value of our work. 


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