Shock absorbers for commercial vehicles

Dampers with maximum load capacity

Commercial vehicles with sophisticated tasks require  efficient shock absorbers. For years  HEMSCHEIDT Fahrwerktechnik has specialised in the damping of special vehicles where standard products are simply not good enough and we develop and manufacture the shock absorbers according to our customers' requirements. 


HEMSCHEIDT offers an extensive range of  damping systems, which meet the highest demands. The damping is adjusted to the desired vehicle behaviour in close cooperation with the customer. 

Product details HEMSCHEIDT shock absorbers:

Dampers from HEMSCHEIDT

HEMSCHEIDT dampers are designed for  extraordinary applications and loads. We place great value on the durability and loading capacity of the shock absorbers. We exclusively use high-quality materials and components to guarantee this.  In addition, our shock absorbers are outstandingly protected against environmental influences. This protection is indispensible for off-road vehicles. Due to the load they are subjected to, shock absorbers are prone to heavy wear. That is why HEMSCHEIDT shock absorbers can be repaired so that they can reach a service life of more than 30 years.


Part supporting Dampers from HEMSCHEIDT

Dampers developed by HEMSCHEIDT dissipate energy from the system. At the same time, however, they can store energy and take on additional loads. Part supporting systems absorb further occurring loads which the existing spring can no longer enable. Part supporting  shock absorbers can be necessary for existing vehicles when they take on new functions or need to deal with higher axle loads. In the same manner, the part supporting shock absorbers can be used purposefully in new vehicle projects for chassis design. 

Our range in the sector of damping systems:

  • Spring and damper struts 
  • Integrated hydraulic shock absorbing action
  • Integration of additional friction part
  • High-performance damping systems
  • Part supporting damping systems

Our customers certify our products the following properties:

  • Best manufacturing quality
  • Sturdy design and long operating life 
  • Strong damping with extreme loading capacity
  • High operating temperature possible 
  • Good driving comfort, stable driving behaviour
  • Low space requirement 
  • Simple installation
  • Low-cost maintenance